Semen Analysis, Antibody Screening and Semen Prep for IUI

Andrology services are available to patients in the New Orleans vicinity. Semen analysis, antibody screening, and semen preparations for artificial insemination are available at the physician’s request. Call us at 800-227-4561 or 504-454-7973 for further information.

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Not All Families Feel Complete With One Child

After patients begin a family using donor sperm, they often want more offspring—and prefer them to be full siblings. Offspring can be full siblings through our Family Building Program.

We frequently get requests for the semen of donors years after they have retired from our program. Reinstating them is expensive because they must undergo all disease testing as if they were being screened for the first time. The costs for these tests must be borne by the patient. If the donor has left the vicinity, it is impossible to get him back.

Reproductive Resources stores vials of specimen for patients enrolled in our Family Building Program. When another pregnancy is attempted, the patient is assured the same donor can be used.

Participating in this program is easy. When a pregnancy is achieved, the patient or physician informs us of the pregnancy and that more children are planned. We suggest the number of vials that should be purchased based on the ease or difficulty of initiating the first pregnancy. The vials are banked at Reproductive Resources under the patient’s name.

When a second pregnancy is attempted, the patient or physician requests that specimens be sent. If pregnancy is achieved and no further children are planned, the patient may opt for us to repurchase the specimens still in storage at our facility, so long as the vials are repurchased within three years.

The fees for enrolling in our Family Building Program consist of purchasing and storing the vials. When a new pregnancy is being attempted, patients incur only shipping costs of the new vials.

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We will gladly answer questions or elaborate on our Family Building Program, call us at 800-227-4561 or 504-454-7973.

Client Depositor Semen Bank & Storage – Bank Sperm at Reasonable Cost

Preserve Sperm for Your Future Fertility Prior to Cancer Treatment, Military Deployment, Vasectomy Procedure      

Client depositor semen banking is available for those who wish to have their semen cryopreserved prior to vasectomy, medical treatment for testicular cancer or Hodgkins, infertility treatment, or military deployment overseas as a soldier or contractor.  Let us help you preserve your future fertility at a reasonable cost.

Semen banking of sperm for long-term storage has become standard practice. Many urologists and oncologists recommend sperm banking prior to surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Some patients request semen cryopreservation prior to vasectomy. Infertility patients often use our services in case the partner is unavailable when a sample is needed for insemination. The procedure has become a simple, routine matter. If you wish to have your semen cryopreserved, do the following:

  • Have your physician fax or phone in an order for cryopreservation and a screen for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Make an appointment with us to have your blood drawn, collect a semen specimen and sign a contract for cryopreservation.

Most clients bank three ejaculates prior to cancer treatment or vasectomy. The number banked depends on the quality of the sample and the time frame before the upcoming medical procedure.

The client depositor may have his specimens withdrawn at any time upon the request of a licensed physician or designee and with the patient’s signed authorization. With a nominal charge for release & shipping, the vials can be easily transported in specially designed transport vessels to wherever they are requested.

For costs associated with client depositor semen banking, call us at 800-227-4561 or 504-454-7973.