Licenses & Accreditation

Our procedures for screening donors and banking cryopreserved semen follow the standards, regulations, and guidelines established by the:

  • New York State Department of Health, #GA013
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • FDA, FEI #3003414712
  • State of California Department of Health Services CNC 80545

We hold a license for tissue bank operations from the New York State Department of Health. This organization conducts unannounced inspections. If a bank fails to meet the organization’s standards, it can revoke the bank’s license.

Our clinical laboratory has been inspected and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Our CAP number is 31504-01. Our CLIA number is 19D0705675. Copies of our accreditation and licensure are available upon request.

Our Staff

Our laboratory director has a Ph.D. degree with a background in human genetics. She is board certified in both embryology and andrology. Our medical director, who is an ob/gyn with a specialty in reproductive endocrinology, is licensed by the State of Louisiana.

Our Facility

Vials are stored in a safe & secure facility. All the necessary precautions are taken to safeguard specimens.  Specimens are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks which have a holding time of approximately 6 months and are not dependent on electricity for power.  Reproductive Resources has never had a loss of specimens due to accident, incident or weather.  Access to our facility is monitored by an alarm service.  Our tanks are also monitored through our alarm service.  Records are backed up so no specimens are lost due to loss of required paperwork. 

Our Services

Reproductive Resources is a full-service semen bank and reproductive laboratory. Click on the Services tab to learn about our associated services such as Family Building, Cryopreservation of Semen (performed for cancer patients prior to treatment, prior to undergoing vasectomy, or for active duty servicemen prior to overseas deployment, or as back up specimens for infertility treatment), Semen Analysis, and IUI specimen preparation for patients using physicians in the metropolitan New Orleans/Metairie area. Click Contact for our phone and fax numbers, address, and e-mail address.

Our Commitment

One out of every seven couples in the United States is infertile. We know that being unable to conceive is stressful and that the idea of artificial insemination may be frightening. We will listen to you and help you feel as comfortable as possible in making the big decisions ahead of you.